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From Acrylic or Metal Engraved Employee ID Badges to our Selfit Reusable Staff Badges

Research proves that good customer service can be achieved by simply “wearing a badge”. Among well known, blue-chip companies such as British Airways and Pizza Hut, staff badges surveys have shown that if their staff wear name badges, then their outlets will be frequented more often by shoppers than those stores or outlets who don’t wear staff badges. In fact surveys have shown 79% said that not being able to identify a member of staff was simply ‘poor customer service’.

Staff badges in companies are used for increasing security, increasing awareness among employees and recognising the status of employees, this kind of motivation can improve staff performance and leave them feeling more valued.

Staff badges and name tags come in various sizes and materials, and one of the most important things to decide when choosing staff badges for employees is fitting in with your company ‘look’, branding or uniform. We offer a wide range of options for your staff badges, each designed to perfectly complement your uniform and enhance your corporate image.

And for the 15th year running, PDC BIG has successfully retained the BSI EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality certification. This means you can be sure your staff badges will be delivered to the highest standards.

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Reusable Badges - Click Here
Our re-usable name badges offer a cost-effective solution for your temporary and seasonal staff alongside your permanent name badges, and can also provide the added cost benefits that come from provid
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Promotional Name Badges, Button Badges or Metal Badges are a powerful but cost-effective way to promote your organisation, brands, products, services, special offers and marketing promotions.
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Our range of high quality metal badges, lapel pins and corporate jewellery make a big impact at a low cost.
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AdBadge button badges from PDC BIG are the ideal high-impact and low-cost promotional badge to get your marketing message or special offer out there and in front of your customers and staff.
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PDC BIG’s E@sy Online Name Badge Ordering System gives you and your staff the freedom to order your name badges directly from your PC with no paperwork, no errors and no hassle.
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At PDC BIG we’re all about providing you with ways to make ordering your personalised name badges or business cards as hassle-free and cost effective as possible.
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PDC BIG’s White Label name badge solution enables you to offer high-quality name badges from Europe’s leading supplier, direct to your customers, with no fuss, hassle or inconvenience to you.



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