Online Badge Ordering System

PDC BIG’s E@sy Online Name Badge Ordering System gives you and your staff the freedom to order your name badges directly from your PC with no paperwork, no errors and no hassle.

We create for you a bespoke online name badge ordering system which links in with your existing intranet or extranet, so that anyone in your organisation (with approval), can simply go online and order their name badges direct from their computer, whilst still allowing you to keep central purchasing control.

Simply log into your name badge template, customised to your exact corporate specifications, key in the names, job titles and other personalised information (or upload a pre-keyed list), approve the layout on-screen and in one click your order is in our production system.

The benefits of PDC BIG’s Online Name Badge Ordering System:

  • Easy to use, fast, and cost-effective

  • Eliminates paperwork and hassle

  • Guaranteed error-free name badges as there’s no need for your data to be re-keyed

  • On-screen name badge visual allows you to see and approve exactly what you’ve ordered before you place your order

  • User-friendly step-by-step process

  • Secure online login via a unique customer ID

  • Delivery direct to the end user – ideal for companies with multiple locations

  • Maintain brand consistency throughout all your staffs’ name badges, without the hassle of ordering for all your staff

  • Expert, trained support staff at PDC BIG to help if you have any problems.

For even greater cost and time savings, choose from either our Call-Off our PDC BIG Admin payment options.

Call us now on 020 8614 8880 for more information and to revolutionise your badge buying!

the PDC BIG E@SY ONLINE badge ordering system

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